Robyn’s Story

I spent a year working with a variety of young people in the BFI Film Academy held within the AmmA Centre. We were tasked with making a short film, in a genre of our choosing, with little to no budget. We were divided into groups and within these groups we had mentors who were professionals in the film industry. It was a real honour to work with them and we gained valuable knowledge and experience from their advice. They helped us work on our scripts, once we had all been assigned our roles, and they helped develop our stories. Once we had our scripts finalised we then had to start planning the filming. We had to organise locations, costumes, props and actors. We spent a whole weekend filming and while it was tiring it was a great experience.

My role in the group was writer and producer, I was in charge of writing the script and making sure everyone knew what they were doing. When are films were complete we held a showcase and many friends and family came to see our films. It was a nerve-wracking experience, especially because we had to go on stage after for questions. The whole experience was amazing though and all of our hard work paid off in the end.


Robyn Garvan



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