The Kids LIT Quiz – November 9th 2017

Royal School Quiz team

On Thursday 9th November 2017 two teams from the Royal School Armagh and two from St. Catherine’s went to Wellington College to participate in the annual Children’s Literature Quiz.  The teams were made up of three Year 8 pupils: Sam, Daniel and Sarah along with a girl from St Catherine’s who kindly made up our first year team from their sub- bench. The Royal Year 9 team was made up of Edythe, Hannah, Leila and Leah.  We all met with Mrs. Kinnear and boarded the bus which was waiting for us at the entrance to school.  Once on the bus we realized the team from St Catherine’s was already on board and they had a much larger support team than us. We were all filled with excitement for what the day ahead was going to bring and we set off for Belfast!

After the one-hour bus journey we were greeted by some senior pupils at Wellington College who briefly gave us a tour of the school. They then escorted us to where the quiz was going to be held. We ate our lunch at the back of the hall where the supporters were due to sit. Both of our teams had multiple photos taken with students from St Catherine’s and with our mascot Susie, the bunny, who was kindly given to us by Mr Cardwell.

We were told to take our seats, that the quiz would be starting in approximately ten minutes, and asked to pick our “joker round.” The joker round was the one we expected to get high points on because the points we received would be doubled!  In the “In the Water” round the Year Nine team got the highest score and were entitled to choose a book for free as a prize! After round six we were given a break where we got cake, biscuits and pastries courtesy of the H.E department of the college. During the break there was a mascot competition, where all the mascots were judged. St Catherine’s won it and so they got to choose a book as well and they also got a chocolate trophy. There were also competitions for best costume and poster, which we did not take part in but we will next year as there were more great prizes on offer.

To those who will read this blog, the Lit quiz 2017 was the most exciting event that happened to us this year and it was really thrilling!  Being there with the St. Catherine’s school and their leaders meant so much to our team as they brought a bus load of supporters there to cheer us on and they brought great positivity and good cheer to all.

We really enjoyed ourselves even though we were at our wits’ end with all the nail-biting questions. We made sure to let out a good natured yell when ‘St. Catherine’s Armagh’ was mentioned or ‘Royal School Armagh.’

I have to thank all our leaders as they did a great job herding us in the right direction and nobody got lost! On the bus ride back, everyone was dozing except the “lively lot” at the back happily singing away the whole time which the teachers and bus driver kindly endured.

So a big thank you to the Shared Education board who made our marvelous trip possible and created so many memories.

St Catherine’s College Quiz team

On Thursday 9th November, Saint Catherine’s  Reader’s Club and some of our friend from the Royal School travelled to Wellington College Belfast to compete in the Northern Ireland Heats of the Kid’s Lit (Literature) Quiz 2017.

The quiz was amazing!  It consisted of 10 rounds (listed below) and each team competing could choose a joker round, the joker round being a round of their choosing in which they earn double points.

Round 1 – Thieves

Round 2 – Toys

Round 3 – Transport

Round 4 – War

Round 5 – Water

Round 6 – Women (picture round)

Round 7 – Who said it?

Round 8 – Witches

Round 9 – International Mythology

Round 10 – Wacky and Disgusting

What was also so much fun were the little things they organised while the teams’ answers were being marked.  These mini events in were interactive for audience and adults: the Quizmaster would ask a question to the audience, and then ask a question from previous world finals to the school teams, then one to the audience and one to the adults. One of our teachers Mrs McCoubrey got an answer correct and won a voucher.  One of our team members took a challenge from the host and won herself #2 from his own pocket!

St Catherine’s had put forward 2 teams, who were representing the school with our mascot, Cora Unum Heart Mender. The Royal had one team and both had a lot of supporters in the audience.  We all did the quizzes on our phones.  Our mascot was homemade by Ms McCurry, and came with a backstory and props, which won us the Best Mascot competition.

Overall, the quiz was fun to attend and the mini competitions were very interesting because they gave the audience a chance to compete in fun events.  I have been part of the Readers Club for 3 years now, and have attended this competition twice – it is something I look forward to every year.  Why not come along to Readers and see if you can be part of this experience in the future.

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