Key Stage 3 Coding Club begins!

St. Patrick’s Grammar School hosted the first session of their six week shared education coding club on Tuesday after school. Students from St. Patrick’s, The Royal and St Catherine’s had the opportunity to work together to learn the basics of computer programming and problem solving in a fun and interactive environment.


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The aim of this club is to promote and educate students in the world of computer coding, making them aware of the exciting career opportunities in the IT industry. Over the course of the after school club, students will be introduced to block coding via the iPad to control robots such as the Sphero, Ollie, Jumping Sumo and the Parrot Drone. They will then get a chance to code the BBC Microbit to create fun and exciting games which they can share with other students. Finally, they will get a chance to learn the programming language Python which will introduce them to the world of the IT Industry. Each week will have a variety of fun and interesting challenges which we hope will allow the students to work with other pupils from different schools.


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