Mindfulness Workshop – 06/03/18

On Tuesday 6th March we took part in a ‘Mindfulness’ workshop hosted in the City of Armagh High School. We were joined by pupils from St Catherine’s College and St. Patrick’s grammar. The event was led by Paul Gray from LearnSpark.

Before going to the workshop we were not really sure what to expect. Some of us had been to a study skills workshop with our partner schools before so the idea of working with young people from other backgrounds didn’t worry us but for others this was a new experience.

We were also a little anxious about the topic. We know that mental health and emotional awareness are very important in today’s society, but we were a little bit nervous as to what we would be expected to talk about and do in front of our peers however we need not have worried!

The session turned out to be lots of fun and beneficial. We learnt different strategies to improve our confidence and motivation: things which will be really useful in our future careers. We were taught how to meditate and basically take time to appreciate ourselves and relax.

Paul taught us the importance of thinking positively and looking after ourselves.

All of this was done in a very relaxed atmosphere. We played games to improve team work and time management and did fun activities with pupils we wouldn’t normally have contact with. We feel it was a really positive experience and we took a lot away from the session.

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