Shared Education Sport Blitz – 11/04/18

The shared education event on Wednesday 11th April brought together the four city schools in Armagh. The sports that you got to have a go at were touch rugby, hockey, Gaelic football and hurling or camogie. This was a good opportunity for all pupils to try sports that they have never tried before and interact with pupils from the other schools.

The pupils where divided into 8 teams and shared across the four pitches, so there was 2 teams per station. We had 30 minutes to get some basic coaching in the sport, play a match and then move onto the next pitch. As the day progressed you got to know the rest of your team a lot better and we were able to have a laugh with and at each other as some people were much better than others at the various sports.

I really enjoyed the day as I had never tried hurling or Gaelic football before and I got to meet new people that I didn’t know before. Overall the day was very well organised and all the pupils taking part contributed by having a go and chatting to the other people there.


The Royal School Armagh

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