Thomas Niblock Media Workshop – 06/11/18


On the 6th November, we had the opportunity to work with Thomas Niblock in a media workshop. We volunteered as we are all quite keen on sport and given Thomas’ involvement in sports’ journalism, we thought it would be a great experience. One of our group had worked with Thomas previously and really enjoyed being in front of the camera so on his recommendation we decided to give it a go. We also wanted the chance to work with pupils from St Catherine’s and St Patrick’s as it isn’t too often we get to welcome other pupils into our school.

We were not entirely sure what to expect. The workshop kicked off with a ‘getting to know you’ session-every pupil’s worst nightmare! Straight away it was obvious that Thomas was a journalist as one-word answers simply would not do! Sometimes you do not realise how interesting your hobbies actually are to other people and you find out things about your own friends which you did not know.

Thomas explained that our task was to create a news programme on topics we were interested in. After much debate we decided on homelessness, the pressures of social media and the impact of sport on our well-being. Everyone was assigned a different role with some being reporters, interviewees, presenters whilst others had to set up social media news accounts. It definitely was very realistic, especially when he told us we would have to work through break and lunch!

By the afternoon we were ready to film-the most nerve-wrecking part of the day! When you watch the news on television you don’t actually realise the pressures involved. It took some people quite a few attempts to get it right!

We certainly enjoyed our day and are looking forward to viewing the finished broadcast. It was so interesting to learn what the real world of journalism is like and to work with other young people from our area.

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