Cross Country Event – 28/11/18

On Thursday 15th November the Shared Education Cross Country Event took place in St Patrick’s Grammar School playing fields. We had over 480 students participating in the event, ranging from first year to fifth year races. Schools were represented from across the district ‘D’ area. This highlights the magnitude of the event and without the shared education programme we would not have been able to run an event of such size and success.

Many thanks to all that were involved that made this event the success that it was. The Lord Mayor was in attendance on the day for the presentations and was a great help as he was able to stand in for photos and also welcome and talk to people on the day. II Carro Della pizza were able to set up their stall to sell pizza to the participants. The visitors on the day really took to this and were all really enjoying the service of the pizza after their runs. Dermot Kerr of Armagh sports and trophies was in attendance on the day he was also a great help as he was able to give us the inflatable finish line and also the podium for presentations. These assets were extremely useful and brought an appealing look across the event. Many students within St Patrick’s Grammar School Armagh also helped out on the day which was a great help with the running of the event. Each volunteer did a great job with their allocated roles

and also the teachers who helped out was a great support to this very successful event. An extension of this gratitude is also outreached to the Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough council as they too provided tremendous support, aid and guidance for the event.

The event ran smoothly on the day, but it was the upmost consideration of all involved in the planning and preparations in the weeks leading up to the event that made it a success. I cannot stress enough how vital the shared education scheme benefited our event by providing financial aid and support throughout the entire event.

Furthermore, the event provided an insight into the working world and the importance of cross community relations for all students. The experience and friendships gained were unique and invaluable. I hope that future A Level classes down the years can get the opportunity to organize a similar event as I know they too will develop their social, interpersonal and organizational skills. This experience, like ours, will benefit them greatly in everyday life.

A Level Sport’s Science and Active leisure Industry class

St Patrick’s Grammar School

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