Amma Centre Work

Lucky GCSE Journalism students and members of the Shared Education Programme attended an editing and filming course in the AmmA Centre last Monday: where they learned vital skills needed in the world of media.

Students were given a master class on everything from how to use a camera to editing videos on ‘Final Cut’. The course began with a brief introduction to what filming dexterities are seen in every video- even amateur YouTube clips. Pupils were then allowed the freedom to produce scripts and storyboards to be used in their own self-filmed videos or interviews. The filming aspect challenged students to use appropriate camera angles and forms of lighting.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the day was using the green screen with one student saying, “My favourite part was saying my lines in front of the green screen during our video.” The running theme of the practice videos was the festive question of “what should you get your kids for Christmas?” featuring the newest and coolest games and gadgets, children are begging Santa to put under their tree such as the ‘hover board.’

The Shared Education group focused more on rehearsing and testing their upcoming interview with Youth Parliament member Gareth Hampton. Employing the standard use of showing the interviewers introducing the interviewee and cutting to them answering the questions: giving students a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of interviews.

Editing the short videos showed pupils how to detach audio from clips and play it over shots of the interviewee or clips of trolley dashes during the holiday season. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all pupils, giving them the opportunity to possible consider a career in media after spending a typical day as someone in the field.



Some pics of our Amma Training! Broadcasters beware! We’re coming for your jobs!image.png